Our names are Colin and Sue

We live at Sgarbh Lodge Lower Milovaig on the North West of the Isle of Skye. Sgarbh is the Gaelic word for cormorant and the Lodge is named after the nearby Sgarbh Ridge. The Lodge is a traditional croft house built around 100 years ago. We moved here at the end of January to start a small Vegetarian / Vegan Bed and breakfast, but due to Covid 19 and Sue being diagnosed with cancer, we have been unable to take guests this season. We always intended to create some local art and craft items to sell to our guests and visitors to Skye, but we now hope to do this with this online store and either post out the items or allow prearranged collection at the croft gate before you go home.
Our aim is to give you a unique design incorporating a piece of 'Skye' to take home with you, a piece of dried bracken or a small bunch of wild grasses, a piece of sea glass, a small rock, pebble or shell from a beach, or even some of the naturally weathered barb wire fencing. Each item of art or craft is unique and hand made to reflect the ever changing atmosphere here on Skye.